UIR: 681 MDH for the construction of the university hospital

Photo de UIR : 681 MDH pour la construction de l’hôpital universitaire

As part of the development of the International University of Rabat, and in particular its health center, its subsidiary Foncière hospitalière concluded a long-term loan agreement of MDH 681 for the construction of a state-of-the-art university hospital. The International University of Rabat (UIR) has taken a significant step in the development of its health center. … Read more

Tips for watching sports on the cheap | Dollars and cents

Tips for watching sports on the cheap |  Dollars and cents

In Quebec, it’s pretty common to think of the Montreal Canadiens when we want to see high-level sports. But you might find the bill pretty steep — the cheapest single ticket for a CH game at the Bell Center is around $70 (weekdays). Fortunately, there are alternatives… provided you have some flexibility. Professional sports First, … Read more

Electronic signatures are becoming more widespread despite data hosting concerns – IT SOCIAL


Electronic signature is now becoming an essential tool to obtain and offers significant time savings. Half of VSE and 89% of SMEs already use such an electronic signature solution. The electronic signature has become a matter of course. According to a study by Lex Persona, a French e-signature software publisher, the majority (67%) of decision … Read more

Health Data Security: Doctolib Confronts Senators

Health Data Security: Doctolib Confronts Senators

The digital factory is the medium of digital transformation.Digital is changing everything in businesses : business models, ways of innovating, selling, working… The editors of L’Usine Digitale reveal and narrate the best practices adopted by “old” companies in the face of this wave. It deciphers what digital players are doing, pure players or not, and … Read more

Political notebook: Éric and Lola, 11 years later

Political notebook: Éric and Lola, 11 years later

This text collects the capsules contained in our political newsletter, which is published on Thursdays at 17:00. In it you will find a four-point view of the political events of the week. To say that Bill 56, which completes Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette’s sweeping family law reform, has been anticipated is an understatement. Reflection has … Read more

Cyber ​​security: increasing use of zero-day vulnerabilities in 2023 – IT SOCIAL


When it comes to exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, political and geopolitical motivations prevail over financial extortion and information theft. Whether it’s end-user platforms or professional solution components and libraries, attackers are on fire. During the year 2023, the field of cyber security was marked by significant events, including a significant increase Zero-day vulnerabilities exploited. According to … Read more

Logistics: Waresito forays into the beverage industry

Logistique : Waresito fait une incursion dans le secteur de la boisson

Waresito wants to respond to the imperative of efficient and innovative distribution for beverage manufacturers and distributors, with the industry maintaining its leading position in the global food landscape with an average annual growth of 4%, as revealed by the latest SIAL show. Following the summer approach, Waresito, a pioneer in logistics optimization, announces its … Read more